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"Look no further Stoney Point Trail of Terror is exactly what you’re looking for!!! The amount of hard work and detail these amazing people put into this each year is phenomenal. If you like to be scared this is the whole package!!! Prepare to scream the entire time. Such an amazing job from the actors, staff members, and volunteers who put this together. Once you go one time you’ll be back each year! Thanks for all the hard work everyone." - Samantha B.

"So spooky! We liked it so much that we came back again 2 weekends in

a row. It's definitely a must do and it can definitely compare to Universal's Halloween horror nights. I think the price is great, we did VIP both times which is only $10 more and no line at all, definitely worth the price for no waiting. Great job to the staff that puts this together." - Angie M.

"Well worth the $ and wait! (roughly an hour at peak time, line moved quickly and $ goes to a great cause! ) The entire family had a good time. Food trucks to snack on while you wait. Live music and different actors dressed up near the line to keep you entertained while you wait. The trail definitely got us hyped for Halloween!" - Ryan E.

"The line was long but that shows just how much everyone wanted to be there. The band was funny and kept everything lively. Once we got in the actors were amazing! I laughed as I watched my kids get the scare of Halloween. We'll be back for sure. Great job and thank you for a wonderful family night." - Valerye M.

"One of the best attractions I've ever saw. Jump scares on every corner and the house is really big. All the way from Myrtle Beach to Fayetteville and back and we are still talking about the experience. Can't wait for the next year and congratulations to everyone that make this happen. You're really good!" - Alexandre Dal P.

"My kids and I have been going for years... all the way back when the trail went through the woods!! Never disappointing!" - Meg L.

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