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"It was amazing.  Great for those who want a spook for Halloween. Great price. Live music while you wait for your turn, and the wait was not long, less than 15 minutes for us. Best of all we went through in a small group. I've been to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and the Trail of Terror was right up there for awesomeness. I loved that the proceeds go to a great cause. I'll definitely go again next year." - Michele V.

"This was awesome! They went into such detail. Our group had so much fun (def go with a few other people) the actors were great, theatrics amazing and makeup was UNBELIEVABLE! I liked the band that played and really enjoyed all the effort that must have gone into creating all of this. Will def come again next year!" - Kay O.

"It was such a great experience. 15 dollars for probably one of the best haunted houses in the area. It is fairly priced and a great experience all around. I really enjoyed the experience with the goggles as well as the feeling of sinking sand while we were going through. I came with a group of 4 and honestly, we couldn’t quit talking about it! It was such a great experience and we can’t wait to come back." - Jordan M.

"The band was great, the wait time short, and the haunted house was scary fun. My kids enjoyed laughing at me screaming" - Bambi A.

"My friends and I went to check this trail of terror this past weekend. It was a great experience, my friends girlfriend turned around as soon as she waLked and and said “no no I can’t do this !!” I screamed the whole time, such great effects !!  People you will not be disappointed!! They even have live music. It’s very well organized" - Lety B.

"The attractions have so much attention to detail! I don't want to ruin it by sharing because it's a MUST SEE!" - Jessica B.

"My kids and I have been going for years... all the way back when the trail went through the woods!! Never disappointing!" - Meg L.

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